The Power of Telemarketing...

Telemarketing demands more than hiring someone to read a script. Why? Because you're talking to people who are too smart and too busy to sit through an automated message. The only response you'll get through that kind of campaign? A busy signal. Yes, your customer has hung up.

That's why Print Empire developed the Intelligent Sales Approach. Instead of hiring normal people to read scripts, we hire skilled, trained and experienced sales people who can actually carry a conversation with your customers. The benefits:

* It's more personal. They can assess someone's needs and personality, and then quickly adapt their sales strategy accordingly.

* It's more sincere. People know when they're being given a speech, and they get suspicious and even insulted. But when someone listens to them, and genuinely cares about their concerns, then they don't feel they're being trapped into a sales pitch. Instead, they see the product as a solution to their needs.

* It's more dynamic. Scripts can't accommodate the unique and often surprising reactions that people are capable of. But experience, and a deep understanding of human psychology, allows our telesales force to shift gears when they need to, adopting a number of sales strategies and tactics depending on the person�s replies or general mood.

* It's more efficient. Some companies will just mechanically go through a list of numbers and talk to whoever happens to answer the phone. More often than not, it's the secretary, or someone who doesn't actually wield the authority to create the sales volume you want. Our telesales force is trained to reach the decision maker.

* It's customized to your needs. Tell us what you need to do. Get appointments? Encourage trials? Respond to complaints? Unlike other companies, we don't follow scripts, we follow what you need. And with access to our database of millions of UK based B2B prospects, from different industries and sectors of society, we give you the market that you need too.

The Costs:

Every business is diferent, and every project varies greatly. We'd rather listen to your needs, and build a custom quote around what we can do for you, along with a Project Proposal. Our prices are very competitive ... so if you want a great Return On Investment, make sure you contact the Team at Print Empire today to discuss your needs.

Want to Outsource your Entire Marketing to Print Empire? Take a look at our costs and options here: Cost-Effective Outsourced Marketing for SME's

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