Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Campaigns:

There's a reason why it's called 'direct mail.' Not only do you send the material on your desk or door step, but you get to choose exactly who you send it to. Some companies, unfortunately, will promise a database of customers, without informing you that about 70% of those will never be interested in your product. Here at Website Design City, your messages are sent to the people that matter. We don't waste your money on brochures or leaflets that will end up in a trash can. It's about getting the right messages to the right market.

So here at the Print Empire, you can get a direct-mail campaign in the truest sense of the word. Let us know exactly who you want to target. For example, if you wanted the postal addresses of 'every small Design business in the south-east of the UK, with a turnover under £50k,' we can produce the list and arrange the whole campaign to send out mail-shots and targeted promotional material to those companies/consumers.

We know where your market is!

'Print Empire' has worked hard to develop a database with millions of companies in the UK and Europe. Yes, you read right: millions. Why waste time trying to make cold calls when it takes just one call to us to reach several companies, countries, even continents? You have better things to do (namely, running your business). It's our job to make your business a household name. Remember, following up a direct mail campaign with a call is NOT 'cold-calling' - the customer already knows who you are, and therefore will respond in a more positive way; especially if the campaign is planned and executed professionally.

The costs:

We cannot publish a set-price list, as every campaign is different. The amount you spend depends on the kind of communication objectives you have. What we can guarantee, however, is that we have experience in every kind of direct marketing campaign. We've handled both small and large scale projects, ranging from mail-shots to lists that spanned over 100 businesses, or up to tens-of-thousands of customers.

Get in contact with our Team today and we will go through your requirements. We will give you a quote which you can compare to your other solutions. Remember, however, that unlike other companies, we make this guarantee: the money you spend really goes to reaching the market that matters. We don't cut corners and we don't bloat figures: reputation and customer satisfaction is all too important to us. Can other companies promise the same thing?

Want to Outsource your Entire Marketing to Print Empire? Take a look at our costs and options here: Cost-Effective Outsourced Marketing for SME's

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